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Kapone (Dog)

15 yr old Male American Staffordshire Terrier

Kapone was raised by me from 6 weeks old. He weighs approximately 90-95 lbs & is fawn and white in color. Kapone has had 2 major eye surgeries to fix a common American Staffordshire issue where the eyelids roll into the eye itself & causes major irritation & sometimes worse. Unfortunately, Kapone was not so lucky & developed painful ulcers in his eyes that could have caused blindness, but thankfully I was able to get the surgeries done immediately! He's fully recovered & doing great!!! Kapone is extremely intimidating with his size & looks, but in reality he's a momma's boy & thinks he's the size of a toy breed. He is my world, my baby boy & I would give anything to be around forever!

Luciano (Dog)

11 yr old Male American Pit Bull Terrier

Where to start about Luciano....Well, at 3 weeks old I rescued him from a horrible situation with a bunch of young kids. The kids took the litter of puppies off their mother around 2-2 1/2 weeks old & thought they could sell them at that age. I was horrified!!! By the time I reported them to the authorities, they had gotten rid of all the puppies, but 1. When I found that out, I demanded that I take the last puppy out of that situation. That's how I got my baby, Luciano! Unfortunately, Luciano was born deaf, but believe me when I say that hasn't stopped him!!! Luciano is solid white with the most gorgeous blue eyes that have just a tiny hint of green in them. When u look into his eyes, they tend to draw you in. He has learned some hand signal commands, but mainly he just would rather watch your body language. He's such a silly boy & always keeps me on my toes! He absolutely loves his "daddy" & loves tormenting his much, much larger brother Kapone. Luciano is a very special & important part of my family because he reminds us that we need not to take things for granted in life & be thankful we all have one another.