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Lily (Dog - Mixed Breed)

13 yr old Female Pit/ Boxer

We found Lily on a highway in Vernon, Tx on our way home from visiting a relative. She was covered in ticks and mud, and was very anxious and scared. We adopted her into our family, and are grateful for her everyday! She's the most loving creature on the face of the earth! She loves cuddling, and kisses are her favorite. She's protective, she's loving, and she's by far the best companion i could ever hope for! Love you Lily bean!!!

Mana (Cat)

15 yr old Female Calico mix

We found Mana in a little pet shop a few days after valentines. She was an older kitty and all the other kittens were adopted on valentines. She was all by herself in the cage. We took her home *broken tail and all* lol! She has a paw with white on it and so called it her "Mana Magic Paw" *videogame reference*. She's the cutest most mischevious cat i have ever had! She's my little rebel! Her favorite thing in the world is lazer pens!

Geisha (Cat)

14 yr old Female Calico mix

We got Geisha from a small pet shop. She had the fluffiest little tail of all the kittens in the cage, and was very vocal! We took her home but were stalled when she climbed behind the speaker of my car to hide. I ended up ripping the speaker to pieces to get her! She fell in love with our other cat Mana who still mothers her to pieces these days! She spends her afternoons cuddling with Mana, and looking for "butt pats" from us! She loves to be talked to and her favorite thing is fresh tuna!