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Sadie Lynn (Dog)

14 yr old Female Saint Bernard

Sadie was surrendered to us as a rescue 4 years ago. She came beaten and under weight. She is now a big happy girl that loves to be my pillow at night. She does suffer from bad skin problems about twice a year, so the house gets covered with fur, but isn't that why they call it fur-niture. LOL

TikaMarie (Dog - Mixed Breed)

19 yr old Female Cairn Terrier/Pomeranian

Tika is only 3 months old, it will not let me put months or years behind the number. I helped deliver Tika and her 5 brothers and sisters at my neighbors house. Tika is the runt and was a gift for helping out the Mama who had a bad time with a few of them, including the last one that was a breech birth. She is a little devil, so much so that running around the house she broke her foot and was in a cast for 5 weeks at the age of 5 weeks. She loves our Newfoundland Bear and they are always together. Great Dog.

Tigger (Dog)

19 yr old Male Pomeranian

Tigger is the old man of the house. Got him when he was 10 weeks old and he has been dubbed our 8 lb dog with a 900 pound mouth!!! LOL He is showing his age now, teeth falling out and a small heart problem, God bless him he is older than any other Pom I have had and he is still here!! Tries to be the big dog and run the house. I hope he is with us a while longer, lost his big bro June 1st, that was a Mini Poodle named Buddy. RIP. He was also 11. I miss him so much.