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Lisa Drake

  • A Esthetician, Marketing Director, Groomer
  • Currently living in Bradenton FL United States.
  • I have 2 Dogs

At Epi-Pet, we are aware of the aggravating dilemma of family pet members depositing excessive hair, giving off unpleasant odors and scratching uncontrollably. These familiar problems are frustrating to many owners, with no multi-functional solution previously available in the marketplace to reverse such unpleasantries. Until now, pet owners have simply grown accustomed to living with their pet's irritating odor, sores and scratching. Only temporary relief of the pet's skin and hair problems is noticed, which generally come after continuous visits to the veterinarian and pet groomer.

No longer do we have to accept living with those nagging pet problems or empty our pocketbook for only a temporary relief. With the introduction of Epi-Pet, an innovative and affordable skin care product line, more permanent control for pet odor, scratching and skin sores is now available.

Veterinarians understand medical diseases of the skin and treat them appropriately. Groomers understand the shampooing and haircutting patterns of pets and make a designer look for the pet breeds. Pharmaceutical companies produce products that treat individual skin maladies. No one has coordinated healthy ingredients into the development of one product that cures some skin diseases and treats the esthetics of skin i.e. odor, flakiness, oiliness etc.

This new line of skin care products was created by Dr. Michael Fleck, a licensed veterinarian who has practiced animal medicine both in the United States and abroad. Additionally, Dr. Fleck may be the only veterinarian who is also a licensed Esthetician or “human facial skin care specialist.” That combination of knowledge set the stage for the creation of this advanced skin product for pets.

As a veterinarian he has more than thirty years experience in treating skin diseases. As an esthetician, he has been able to apply the most advanced cosmetic and specialized skin care techniques in humans to improve conditions of the skin from irritation and blemishes to the aging process in pets. It is that uniqueness of applying the advancement of skin care in humans coupled with his extensive veterinary expertise that Dr. Fleck has developed the exciting newer generation of designer skin care products.

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