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Estrogen Deficiency (Hypoestrogenism)




Condition Overview

This mild skin condition occurs in some older females who were spayed as puppies. Affected females shed very little, do not collect much dirt, and make excellent house pets.


There is a gradual loss of hair due to lack of new hair growth over the under-surface of the belly and around the vulva. Later, it involves the lower chest and neck. The skin becomes soft, smooth, and nearly hairless.


This condition affects few female dogs who are spayed as puppies.


The skin condition is visible externally. See Symptoms above.


This is not a serious disease and can be left untreated. If treatment is desired, estrogen can be given under vet supervision. The hormone must be given at least twice a week to affect hair growth.

Note that estrogens may cause bone marrow suppression in dogs. This can be fatal if not recognized in time. Accordingly, all dogs receiving estrogen must be monitored with frequent blood counts.


There is no known prevention for this condition.


Please contact your veterinarian if you think your pet may have this condition.

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