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Tumors of the Ovaries




Condition Overview

Ovarian tumors are uncommon. Most cause no symptoms and are found incidentally during a spay operation.


Ocasionally, a tumor becomes large enough to produce a visible or palpable swelling in the abdomen.


Papillary adenoma is a benign tumor that may arise simultaneously in both ovaries. A malignant variety, called papillary adenocarcinoma, is the most common ovarian cancer in female dogs. These tumors spread throughout the abdominal cavity and are associated with ascites.

Granulosa cell tumorscan also become quite large. Some secrete estrogen, producing signs of hyperestrogenism with abnormal heat cycles, enlargement of the vulva, and a greasy skin and coat.


Abdominal ultrasonography is particularly helpful in determining the size, structure, and location of ovarian tumors. Finding ascites and masses in the abdominal cavity suggests malignancy.


Removal of the ovaries by ovariohysterectomy (spaying) cures benign tumors. The cure rate for malignant tumors is about 50%. The addition of chemotherapy for metastatic tumors may extend the time the dog is in remission.


There is no prevention for this condition.


Please contact your veterinarian with questions regarding this condition.

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