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Vaginal Tumors




Condition Overview

The vaginal and vulvar areas are the most common sites for tumors of the female genital tract. These tumors tend to occur in older, sexually intact females, at an average age of 10 years.


Benign tumors include leiomyomas, lipomas, and transmissible veneral tumors. Vaginal tumors are often found on a narrow base or a long stalk.

Malignant tumors in this area are rare. They include leiomyosarcomas, squmous cell carcinomas, and mast cell tumors. Malignant tumors grow locally, infiltrate surrounding tissue, and become quite large. They rarely metastasize.

Signs include vaginal discharge or bleeding, a mass protruding through the vulvar lips, frequent urination, and excessive licking at the vulva. Large vaginal tumors can cause swelling and deformity of the perineum, block the birth canal, and cause problems in whelping. Note that a mass protruding through the vulva of a female in heat is most likely to be due to vaginal hyperplasia.


Information needed.


Information needed.


Surgical removal with a margin of normal tissue is the treatment of choice. Recurrence may follow removal.


There is no prevention for this condition.


Please contact your veterinarian with questions regarding this condition.

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