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Perianal Tumors




Condition Overview

Perianal growths are usually benign cancers that appear around the rectum, especially in un-neutered male dogs. Rarely, these will be malignant perianal adenocarcinomas. Siberian Huskies are predisposed to this type.


These are growths that appear around the rectum.


Anal sac gland tumors are a separate entity. These tumors are often aggressive and malignant. They arise from the anal glands on either side of the rectum and often metastasize quickly. These cancers are also associated with an increase of calcium in the blood.


Diagnosis is made by veterinary examination and biopsy.


Neutering and/or surgical removal may be curative for preianal growths. Multimodal therapy is the best way to fight anal sac gland cancer - using a combination of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.


There is no prevention for this condition.


Please contact your veterinarian if you have questions regarding this condition.

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