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Squamous Cell Carcinomas




Condition Overview

These tumors are induced by exposure to the ultraviolet radiation in sunlight, and occur on lightly pigmented areas of the body, including the underside of the belly, trunk, scrotum, nailbeds, nose, and lips.


One variety of squamous carcinoma appears as a hard, flat, grayish-looking ulcer that does not heal. Another appears as a firm red patch, and another as a cauliflower-like growth. There may be hair loss around the tumor because of constant licking.


Squamous carcinomas invade locally and metastasize at a late stage to the regional lymph nodes and lungs.


Diagnosis is made by veterinary examination and biopsy.


Complete surgical removal is the treatment of choice. When this cannot be accomplished due to widespread involvement, radiation therapy can be used.


Light-skinned dogs should avoid being in the sun at peak hours of UV exposure.


Please contact your veterinarian if you have questions regarding this condition.

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