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Sebaceous Adenomas




Condition Overview

These are common benign tumors found more often in older dogs, particularly Boston Terriers, Poodles, and Cocker Spaniels. The average age of dogs with sebaceous adenomas is 9 - 10 years.


These tumors tend to occur on the eyelids and limbs. They may be single or multiple, usually less than 1 inch (25cm) across, and appear as smooth, lobulated growths on a narrow base or stem. The surface of the tumor is hairless and may be ulcerated.


Sebaceous adenomas arise from the oil-producing sebaceous glands in the skin.


Occasionally, a sebaceous adenoma becomes malignant (becoming a sebaceous adenocarcinoma). Suspect malignancy if the tumor is larger than 1 inch, had an ulcerated surface, and is growing rapidly.


Small tumors do not need to be removed unless they are causing a problem. Large adenomas should be removed.


There is no prevention for this condtion.


Please contact your veterinarian if you have questions regarding this condition.

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