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Umbilical Infection




Condition Overview

A common predisposing factor in navel infection is severing the umbilical cord too close to the abdominal wall. This leaves no stump to wither up and separate cleanly.


An infected navel looks red and swollen and may drain pus of form an abscess.


Other possible causes are a dam with dental disease who transmits bacteria when she severs the umbilical cord and an unclean whelping box contaminated by urine and stools.


Diagnosis is made by examining symptoms.


At the first indication of navel infection, seek veterinary attention for antibiotic treatment. If one puppy has an umbilical infection, it may also be present in other puppies in the litter.


Iodine applied to the navel stump at birth as a preventive measure reduces the likelihood of umbilical infection.


Please contact your veterinarian if you have a litter of puppies that show this condition.

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