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E. Coli (Coliobacillosis)




Condition Overview

Coliobacillosis is an infectious diarrhea caused by the bacteria E. coli. There are some strains of E. coli that are not part of the normal intestinal flora. E. coli is an important cause of puppy septicemia, and may also cause urinary tract or reproductive tract infections.


When ingested, these strains are capable of producing acute diarrhea.


E. coli can be acquired from infected drinking water, food, or fecal matter. This bacterial infection is a risk in dogs fed a raw diet, unless excellent food-handling hygiene is practiced at all times.



Acutely Ill dogs must be hospitalized for intensive veterinary management. Dehydration is a serious concern, as is damage from toxins, especially to the kidneys. It is important to maintain strict sanitary precautions when handling infected stool.


Avoid feeding pets uncooked foods.


Please contact your veterinarian for advice if you suspect your pet may be infected with E. coli.

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