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Matted Stool Near Anus (Pseudoconstipation)




Condition Overview

When the hair around the anus becomes densely matted with dried stool and forms a barrier to defecation, pseudoconstipation results.


Dogs with pseudoconstipation are restless and bite and lick the anus. Other signs are scooting, whining, and attempting to defecate while standing. There is an extremely offensive odor.


It occurs in long haired dogs, usually following a bout of diarrhea. The skin becomes irritated, painful, and infected. This also introduces an element of voluntary retention.


Diagnosis is made by physical examination. If the dog strains and does not eliminate easily, see Constipation.


Clip away matted hair to remove the cause of the blockage. If the area is painful, the is best done under general anesthetic by your veterinarian. Keep the area clean and apply a topical ointment such as triple antibiotic ointment or Cortaid to the inflamed skin.


Dogs who are prone to pseudoconstipation should have the hair around the anus trimmed or clipped short.


Please contact your veterinarian with questions regarding this condition.

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