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Worms, Tapeworms View In Cats




Condition Overview

Tapeworms live in the intestinal tract where they attach to the wall of the small intestine by means of hooks and suckers on the head of the parasite. The body of the tapeworm is composed of segments that contain egg packets. The body segments containing the eggs are passed in the feces.


Tapeworms can be visibly seen around the dogs hind quarters and may cause itching from the broken off segments attached to this area.


Tapeworms are acquired when the dog eats an intermediate host such as an infected flea, lice, or a small animal that is also carrying fleas and/or tapeworms. A dog must bite or swallow an infected flea or lice to acquire the parasite.


A fecal analysis will verify a tapeworm infestation, although if tapeworm segments are visible, the fecal exam may not be needed. Tapeworm segments look like white rice can sometimes be seen by the naked eye. You may see tapeworms crawling through the fur near the dogs anus.


Droncit, Cestex, Drontal Plus, Telmintic, and Vercom Paste are all highly effective medications against the common dog tapeworms.


Tapeworm infestations can be controlled by eliminating fleas and lice from the dogs environment. Dogs should be confined to prevent them from roaming and eating dead animals. Avoid feeding your dog uncooked meat.


Please contact your veterinarian if you suspect your pet may be infested with tapeworms.

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