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Nasal Polups and Tumors




Condition Overview

A polyp is a growth that begins as an enlargement of one of the mucous glands in the nose. It looks something like a cherry on a stalk. It is not cancer. Other tumors are found in the nasal cavity and sinuses. Most are malignant (not harmful). They tend to occur in older dogs.


Polyps cause symptoms by bleeding and blocking the flow of air.

The main signs of a tumor are discharge or bleeding through one nostril, accompanied by sneezing and sniffling.


Information needed.


The diagnosis is suspected on X-rays and confirmed by biopsy of the tumor through an endoscope, A CT scan may be useful in evaluating the extent of bone involvement. Large tumors are far advanced.


Polyps can be removed by your vet. Benign tumors are cured by complete surgical removal. Malignant tumors are invasive and generally not curable, but survival can sometimes be prolonged using a combination of surgery and radiation therapy.


Recurrence of polyps is possible.


Please contact your veterinarian if you have questions regarding this condition.

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