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Collapsed Nostrils (Stenotic Nares)




Condition Overview

Collapsed Nostrils occur in puppies of the brachycephalic (A skull that is relatively broad and short) breeds, including Pugs, Pekingnese, Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Shih Tzu, and others.


In puppies, the nasal cartilages are soft and floppy, so that as the puppy breaths in, the nostrils come together and obstruct the nasal openings. This causes various degrees of respiratory obstruction, which can seriously compromise the puppy's health and development.


Collapsed nostrils are a congenital defect (defect occurring while in the wound) often accompanied by other manifestations of brachycephalic syndrome.


Diagnosis is made by physical examination.


Stenotic nares can be treated successfully by surgically enlarging the nasal openings. This is accomplished by removing a wedge of nasal skin and cartilage. Not all dogs with stenotic nares require surgery. In some dogs the cartilage firms up satisfactorily by 6 months of age. If there is no urgency in symptoms, your veterinarian may delay treatment to see if this happens.


The is a neonatal defect, so there is no prevention for the condition.


Please contact your veterinarian with questions regarding this condition.

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