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Dog Health Symptom: Fever




35 Results


Several bacteria of the salmonella species are capable of producing acute infectious diarrhea in dogs. Salmonella remain alive for many months or years in ...

Sore throat

These two conditions have a common cause and thus often occur together. In fact, sore throats do not usually occur as isolated infections in dogs, the way ...

Swollen Jaw

This condition occurs predominantly in young West Highland Terriers, Scottish Terriers, and Carin Terriers, and has also been reported in Boston Terriers, ...


This disease is caused by a protozoan that infects warm-blooded animals. Cats are the definitive host, but other animals, including dogs and humans can act...

Valley Fever

This is the most severe and life-threatening of the systemic fungal diseases. Coccidiodomycosis is found in dry, dusty parts of the southwestern United Sta...