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Dog Health Symptom: Fever




35 Results


Fever is an elevated temperature that is generated by the body to fight disease. Normal can and dog body temperature ranges between 99 and 102.5F....

Foreign object swallowed

Foreign objects in the esophagus are common. Bones and bone splinters are seen most often. Other objects that can obstruct a dog's esophagus include string...

Head and Neck Abscesses

Head and neck abscesses are caused by infected animal bites and sharp objects that work their way into the soft tissues, such as wood splinters, pins, chic...


Heatstroke happens when the normal body mechanisms can't keep the body temperature in a safe range. Dogs and cats can get overwhelmed very easily because t...


This disease is found in the central United States near the Great Lakes, the Appalachian Mountains, Texas, and the valleys of the Mississippi, Ohio, and Mi...

Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy

Hypertropic osteodystrophy is a developmental disease that affects large and giant breed dogs 2 - 8 months old....

Immune-Mediated Arthritis

This is an unusual group of diseases in which antibodies are directed against the dog's own connective tissue, resulting in either an erosive or non-erosiv...

Infected Uterus

Acute metritis is a bacterial infection that spreads upward into the uterus during the birthing process or shortly after....

Kennel Cough

Kennel cough is, not one, but a group of highly contagious respiratory diseases of dogs that spread rapidly through a kennel or other area where many dogs ...