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Dog Health Symptom: Behavioral Changes




7 Results

Aggressive Behaviors

Some syndromes in dogs, such as rage syndrome and sudden-onset aggression, may have a physiological basis such as seizures or a metabolic disturbance in se...

Brain Tumors and Abscesses

Brain tumors are not common in dogs. They tend to occur in middle-aged and older dogs. The highest incidence is found in the short-nosed breeds that have l...

Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome

This condition, once called the senile or old dog syndrome, is a newly recognized disease, somewhat similar to Alzheimer's disease in humans. In dogs with ...

Compulsive Behaviors

There are some unusual behaviors in dogs that may be partial seizures. These include fly biting and tail chasing/spinning....


Seizures are much more common in dogs than in cats, and they can happen at any age. Seizures are commonly associated with brain injury, encephalitis, heat ...