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Dog Health Symptom: Abdominal Pain




10 Results

Abdominal Wounds

Only a thin layer of skin, fat, and muscle protects the stomach, intestines, liver, and other abdominal organs - called the viscera - from the outside worl...

Intestinal Obstruction

Any problem that interferes with the passage of intestinal contents through the GI tract results in a blocked bowel. Dogs experience bowel obstruction more...


The pancreas has 2 functions. The first is to provide digestive enzymes; the second is to make insulin for sugar metabolism. Digestive enzymes are manufact...

Passing Gas

Dogs who pass gas often can embarrass or distress their owners. The most common cause of flatulence is swallowing large amounts of air while gulping food....


Inflammation of the cavity containing the abdominal organs is called peritonitis. Peritonitis can be localized or diffuse. In localized peritonitis an apro...

Poisoning, Drug

Unintentional overdose with veterinary medications and accidental ingestion of both human and veterinary pills are the most common causes of poisoning in p...

Poisoning, Food

Dogs who eat raisins and grapes are at risk for acute and possibly fatal kidney failure. Most dogs will vomit some of the raisins or grapes withing hours o...

Poisoning, General

Pets can poison themselves by swallowing something that tastes good to them such as chocolate candy, rat bait, antifreeze (which has a sweet flavor), or po...

Poisoning, Insecticide

There are dozens of products sold at hardware, home repair, and agricultural stores to kill ants, termites, wasps, garden pests, and other insects. Most of...

Poisoning, Poison Baits

Animal baits containing strychnine, sodium fluoroacetate, phosphorus, zinc phosphide, and metaldehyde are used in rural areas to control gopher, cyotes, an...