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Dog Health Symptom: Difficult breathing




16 Results

Asthma Attacks

Asthma is very rare in dogs, but common in cats, especially Siamese. It usually comes on slowly, and you may not notice the first few attacks....


Like people, dogs and cats choke if something lodges in their throats or wind pipes. They gag, retch, and cough trying to expel the object and can become f...

Collapsed Nostrils

Collapsed Nostrils occur in puppies of the brachycephalic (A skull that is relatively broad and short) breeds, including Pugs, Pekingnese, Bulldogs, Boston...

Collapsing Trachea

The trachea is a sturdy tube of cartilage through which the dog breathes. When the cartilage weakens (as in this condition) the trachea can collapse in on ...

Electrical Shock

Electrical shock (electrocution) can occur when dogs bit electrical cords or come into contact with downed wires. Electrical shock is common in puppies, si...

Foreign object in the throat

Pets cough, gag, have noisy breathing, or hold their mouths open in a strange way when they have objects stuck in their throats or windpipes. Cats often h...

Gunshot Wounds

Pets get shot more frequently in rural communities, particularly during hunting season. More often, dogs and cats injured by guns are shot intentionally, e...


Heatstroke happens when the normal body mechanisms can't keep the body temperature in a safe range. Dogs and cats can get overwhelmed very easily because t...

Laryngeal Edema

Sudden swelling of the larynx and vocal cords can result in marked narrowing or complete obstruction of the airway....