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Dog Health Symptom: Skin discharge




7 Results

Actinomycosis and Nocardiosis

These bacterial skin infections generally occur in hunting dogs. Both actinomycosis and nocardiosis can produce a systemic infection that involves the lymp...

Fly Bites

Cats are almost never bothered by flies, but dogs (especially those with upright ears like German shepherds) often have bites on the inside tips of their e...


Folliculitis is an infection that begins in the hair follicles....


Lupus erythematosus complex is an immune-mediated disease in which the antigen-antibody complex lodges in the small vessels of many organs, including the s...


A mycetoma is a tumor-like mass caused by several species of fungi that enter the body through wounds....

Pemphigus Complex

This is an autoimmune skin disease. In pemphigus, the autoantibody is directed against the walls of the skin cells. These cells lose their ability to remai...

Skin Fold Pyoderma

When skin surfaces rub together, the skin becomes wet and inflamed. This creates an ideal condition for bacterial growth. An infection of the skin folds ca...