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Dog Health Symptom: paralysis




8 Results

Brain Tumors and Abscesses

Brain tumors are not common in dogs. They tend to occur in middle-aged and older dogs. The highest incidence is found in the short-nosed breeds that have l...

Fibrocatilaginous Embolic Myelopathy

This problem occurs when small emboli of disc material break off and block spinal cord blood vessels. This problem is seen more often in large to giant bre...

Poisoning, Insecticide

There are dozens of products sold at hardware, home repair, and agricultural stores to kill ants, termites, wasps, garden pests, and other insects. Most of...

Ruptured Discs

A disc is a cushion of cartilage that sits between the vertebrae and acts as a shock absorber. It is composed of a rim of tough, fibrous connective tissue ...

Scorpion Stings

There are more than 1050 species of scorpions, and at least 30 are found in the southwestern United States. Although all scorpion stings hurt like crazy, m...

Spider Bites

Spiders would rather avoid most pets altogether, but they will bite cats and dogs if they feel threatened. Most spider bites are more uncomfortable than da...

Tick Paralysis

The saliva of a variety of ticks contains a toxin that affects the motor nerves, producing weakness and paralysis....