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Dog Health Symptom: Bad breath




5 Results

Foreign object in mouth

Foreign objects in the mouth include bone splinters, slivers of wood, sewing needles and pins, porcupine quills, fish hooks, and plant awns. Sharp objects ...


Gingivitis develops when bacteria build up between the teeth and gums, leading to irritation, inflammation, and bleeding. The edges of healthy gums fit tig...

Growths in the mouth

Mouth tumors account for about 8% of all cancers seen in dogs. They can become raw and very sore, then ulcerate and drain. You may not notice the problem u...


Periodontitis develops as a continuation of gingivitis. The teeth are held in their bony sockets by a substance called cementum and a specialized connectiv...

Sore Mouth

Stomatitis is inflammation of the mouth, gums, and tongue. Stomatitis can be a local manifestation of a systemic disease. It is seen in dogs with kidney fa...