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Dog Health Symptom: Lumps Hard or Soft




16 Results

Mast Cell Tumors

Mast cell tumors are common, accounting for 10 - 20% of skin tumors in dogs. About 1/2 of them are malignant. Brachycephalic breeds, such as Boxers, Boston...


A mycetoma is a tumor-like mass caused by several species of fungi that enter the body through wounds....

Nodular Panniculitis

This is an uncommon inflammatory condition of subcutaneous fat in which lumps appear over the back and along the sides of the body, much like marbles benea...

Sebaceous Cysts

Epidermal inclusion cysts, also called sebaceous cysts, are common surface tumors found anywhere on the body....

Skin Papillomas

Skin papillomas are benign wartlike growths that occur on the skin of the body, on the foot pads, and beneath the nails....


This is a skin and subcutaneous infection acquired by contact with spores in the soil. The spores gain access through puncture wounds caused by thorns and ...