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Dog Health Symptom: Anal swelling and redness




5 Results

Anal Sac Disease

The dog has 2 anal sacs or glands located at 5 and 5 o'clock in reference to the circumference of the anus. They can be seen by drawing down on the the ski...

Anorectal Prolapse

Anorectal prolapse is the protrusion of rectal tissue through the anus. It's common for young cats and dogs (especially puppies) to have rectal prolapse fr...

Inflamed Anus

Inflammation of the anal skin can be caused by pseudoconstipation. Repeated bouts of diarrhea, especially in puppies, can cause an inflamed anus. Other cau...

Matted Stool Near Anus

When the hair around the anus becomes densely matted with dried stool and forms a barrier to defecation, pseudoconstipation results....

Perianal Fistulas

Fistulas are draining tracts in the perianal skin caused by infection of the skin glands around the anus....