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Acute Gastritis




Condition Overview

Acute gastritis is an irritation of the lining of the stomach that comes on suddenly.


The principal sign is severe and continuous vomiting. keep in mind that persistent vomiting is also associated with life-threatening diseases such as intestinal obstruction and peritontitis. Seek professional consultation in all cases where the cause of persistent vomiting is not known.


Common stomach irritants include spoiled food and garbage, stools, grass, plastic wrappings, hair, and bones. Certain drugs (aspirin, almost all NSAIDs, cortisone, butazolidine, and some antibiotics) produce gastric irritation. Common poisons that may cause vomiting are antifreeze, fertilizers, plant toxins, and crabgrass killers. If poisoning is suspected, contact your veterinarian.


A dog with acute gastritis vomits shortly after eating. Later, the dog appears lethargic and sits with his head hanging over the water bowl. The dog's temperature remains normal unless he is suffering from acute infectious enteritis, a disease that also causes diarrhea.


Acute nonspecific gastritis is self-limiting and usually resolves in 24 - 48 hours if the stomach is rested and protected from excess acid.


Information needed.


Please contact your veterinarian if you think your pet may have this condition.

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