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Nosebleeds (Epistaxis) View In Dogs

First Aid Condition

First aid health condition




Condition Overview

Nosebleeds in cats and dogs aren't common, but when they do happen, they are usually a result of some type of blunt trauma like being struck by a car. Some types of poisons, cancer, and foreign objects in the nose can also cause bleeding and need immediate medical attention.


Nosebleeds are often accompanied with bouts of sneezing that aggravate the bleeding.


A spontaneous nosebleed may be a manifestation of a generalized clotting disorder such as hemophilia or von Willebrand's disease. Vitamin K deficiency is another cause of spontaneous bleeding. it occurs most often with poisoning by rodenticide anticoagulants (rat poison).


Diagnosis is made by physical examination.


When your dog bumps his nose running into a fence, first aid will generally take care of the problem. A nosebleed should stop in 15 - 20 minutes with appropriate care.

Keep the dog as quiet as possible. Apply an ice pack wrapped in cloth to the bridge of the nose.

If the nostril is bleeding and the bleeding site is visible, apply steady pressure with a gauze square. The best way to encourage a clot to form is by holding an absorbent pad or a washcloth over the affected nostril. A sanitary napkin works extremely well for this, since it is super absorbent. Be sure to cover only one nostril, so you don't interfere with your pet's breathing.


Prevention is based on cause.


Call you vet if you have concerns regarding this condition. If your pets nosebleed was caused by a car accident or other serious incident, the vet will tell you how to treat the wounds when you return home. Otherwise, no follow up care is needed once the bleeding has stopped.

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