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Wiki Pet - health, breeds, pets, friends!

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About Wiki Pet


About Wiki-Pet.com

What is Wiki Pet?

Wiki Pet is a community oriented website created to help expand the public and professional knowledge for pet health, products, training, and pet life in general all while connecting with friends and peers that share your passion for pets.

What makes Wiki Pet different?

This unique platform combining community inspired topics with the involvement of industry professionals from around the world makes Wiki-pet.com the leader in pet health information distribution. With our system, pet professionals and pet owners come together to help create the on of the most in-depth and accurate information banks available online (and in print) free to everyone, forever!

How much does this service cost?

Wiki-pet.com is now, and always will be 100% FREE for use by pet owners, students, prospective pet owners, and pet professionals. Everyone can use, contribute, and learn from the growing database of information free of charge here on wiki-pet.com.


The website format allows for the constant editing and building of information in real-time, as things are changing. With the involvement of practicing veterinarians, we are able to keep the general public informed on all of the latest developments in the medical practices industry. As the depth of information changes, so do the opinions of professionals, leading to more effective and faster acting medications, procedures, and recovery for your pet. Other industry professionals, such as professional pet groomers, breeders, nutritionists, and trainers will also have the ability to contribute your knowledge to the constantly expanding Wiki Pet system.

Everyday Pet Owners

As pet owners, you are able to share your experiences with an ailment another pet may be suffering from, offering a unique "ground-level" point of view on the condition and it’s affect on your pet’s life, providing others with valuable information they can relate to. Pet owners can also help inform shoppers products worth buying, and others to stay away from in our product review section.

The Wiki Pet Community

The Wiki Pet community is a venue for all pet lovers from every niche of the industry to come together and build relationships, make contacts, gather information, promote businesses, and just plain chat with one another. Upload pictures of yourself, your pet, your recent adventures, or anything to you want, to your own customizable profile and share the fun with friends and fellow Wiki Pet visitors. Invite everyone and start receiving updates on all the hidden treasures your friends have found in our vast website.

Business Owners

Business owners are able to send messages directly to their clients (if they are friends) directly from their profile page. Sales, price reductions, special events can all be posted daily, hourly, even every minute if you would like to! Take advantage of this free and powerful business marketing tool, and don’t forget to notify your clients of your contributions on Wiki-pet.com!

Built and Maintained by Pet Owners

If you love pets, this is the place for you. This is the culmination of years of studying the pet industry, pet breeds, and the needs of modern pet owners. People often told me that they needed a place to find the information they frequently seek for their pets. People said they needed a reliable resource for pet health information. People said they needed a place to find pet emergency first aid instructions. Well, you finally get what you asked for, welcome to the evolution of pet life!