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Doberman Pinscher


Doberman Pinscher Facts

  • Group
  • Working
  • Affiliations
  • Height
  • 24" - 28"
  • Weight
  • 60-85 lbs.
  • Lifespan
  • 10 years | Add yours

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  • Exercise Requirement
  • High - This breed requires vigorous daily activity
  • Training Requirement
  • Average Training Time
  • Grooming Requirement
  • Easy
  • Colors
    • Black
    • Black / Tan
    • Blue
    • Fawn
    • Brown
  • Breed Characteristics
    • Can be trained as a watch dog or guard dog
    • Good with children
    • Should sleep indoors
    • Tendency to bite

True Cost Of Ownership

Alternate Names



This breed developed in the town Apolda,in the German state of Th?ringia.

Date Of Origin

The Doberman originated in 1860.


The Doberman pinscher was developed in Germany in the late nineteenth century for use as a police, military, and guard dog. It is believed to have been bred by Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann through a cross of the now extinct old German shepherd, German pinscher, the rottweiler, the English greyhound, the weimaraner, and the black and tan Manchester terrier, among others. Louis Dobermann served in the dangerous role of local tax collector, and ran the Apolda dog pound. With access to dogs of many breeds, he aimed to create a breed that would be ideal for protecting him during his collections, which took him through many bandit-infested areas. He set out to breed a new type of dog that, in his opinion, would be the perfect combination of strength, loyalty, intelligence, and ferocity. Later, Otto Goeller and Philip Gruening continued to develop the breed to become the dog that is seen today. After Dobermann's death in 1894, the Germans named the breed Dobermann-pinscher in his honor, but a half century later dropped the pinscher on the grounds that this German word for terrier was no longer appropriate. The British did the same a few years later.


The doberman is a large, squarely built, compact, and muscular dog. It has a long, blunt, wedge shaped head, with a long, tapered muzzle. The dark eyes are almond shaped and the ears are cropped erect or medium sized drop. The nose color complements the coat which is smooth and short in black, red, blue or fawn. There are rust markings above the eyes and on the muzzle, throat, chest, legs, feet, and below the tail. There may be a small white spot on the chest. The tail is docked.


The doberman is loyal, active and devoted to family. It makes an excellent watchdog, alert and fearless. It is intelligent and highly trainable and generally gets along well with children and other animals.


Bred as a watchdog and bodyguard, the doberman has continued to serve these functions during the hundred some-odd years of its existence. It has been used by the police, the military (the marines use dobermans to rout out snipers), and for guarding all sorts of industrial property. Both male and female dobermans need daily exercise as an outlet for their nervous energy.

Health Concerns

Cardiomyopathy, hypothyroidism, osteosarcoma, wobbler syndrome (cervical vertebral instability), von Willebrand's disease.

Additional Information

The doberman does well in a rural or suburban home with an active family or individual.
Be sure to acquire your doberman from a reputable breeder. If bred wrong this dog may have anxiety and a tendency to bite. A healthy doberman, however, will not have any of these characteristics.

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From history doberman is a compact, and muscular dog. It has a wedge shaped head, with a long, tapered muzzle. With access to dogs of many breeds. Doberman is the perfect combination of strength.... thank you for sharing with us...........

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