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Chart Polski


Chart Polski Facts

  • Group
  • Other Breed Classes
  • Affiliations
  • CKC, UKC
  • Height
  • 27" - 32"
  • Weight
  • no standard available.
  • Lifespan
  • 14 years | Add yours

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  • Exercise Requirement
  • Moderate - This breed enjoys typical daily activity
  • Training Requirement
  • Average Training Time
  • Grooming Requirement
  • Easy
  • Colors
    • Various Colors
  • Breed Characteristics
    • Can be trained as a watch dog or guard dog
    • Hunting heritage
    • Should sleep indoors

True Cost Of Ownership

Alternate Names

Polish Sighthound, Polish Greyhound


The Chart Polski originate in Poland.

Date Of Origin

The Chart Polski is believed to have been in existence since the thirteenth century.


Some believe that the Chart Polski descends from Asian sight hounds, while others claim that it is from Asiatic Greyhound. What we know for sure is that the first American litter was born in 1991 but this is still a very rare breed outside if Poland.


The Chart Polski is a large, muscular, and sturdy dog. It is less refined than the other sight hounds. It has a powerful jaw; folded ears, and a large, dark nose; and amber eyes. The tail is long and thick, hooked at the end. The springy coat is of varying lengths and of any color. The eyelids and nose should compliment the coat.


The Chart Polski is a confident and courageous dog. It is wary of strangers and quite reserved.


This breed was used as a hunting dog for hare, foxes, deer, and wolf. Today it is mainly used as a companion dog.

Health Concerns

none known

Additional Information

The name is pronounced HEART POLL-ski. This breed requires a confident, experienced owner in a rural home.

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