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Behavior & Training Articles


Pet Behavior Articles

Pet behavior can sometimes seem like a complicated topic for many dog owners. Articles in this section will help you to understand why your dog does what she does, prevent behavior problems, learn to correct common behavior problems, and lead you to resources that can help in the event that the behavior deviancy has become too severe to be handled by the owner.

Duke, Boxer Pup

I've recently been inspired by a couple of friends that are the proud new owners of a Boxer pup named Duke. Duke is a beautiful 7 week old fawn Boxer with white gloves on all 4 paws. Duke and many other working class dogs tend to be very attentive to their owners, seek direction, and enjoy vigorous activities that provide them with a purpose. more...

Help Your Pet Deal With Thunderstorms

Anxiety over thunderstorms, fireworks, and other loud noises is actually a very common phobia among dogs. The shocking loud noise can cause immediate panic, because unlike you and I, the dogs have no clue where the sound came from or what caused the noise. more...


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