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Review Article


Sunday, April 4th 2010

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StarMark Everlasting Fun Toys

Author: Wiki Pet

Pet Toy Reviews
StarMark Everlasting Fun Toys
Manufacturer description: The unique designs of these toys allow them to roll erratically, enticing your dog to play. Great for preventing destructive boredom behaviors. Hide them around the house for a fun game of hide & seek, or even feed meals out of them to turn meal time into a game. The options are endless, the fun is everlasting! Fill the Everlasting Fire Plug with Every Flavor Treats, and then cap off the ends with Everlasting Treats or Everlocking Treats for a real chewing challenge. Comes with one Everlasting Treat.

The Everlasting Fire Plug is made of highly durable, tear resistant proprietary material. Use with Everlasting Treats, Everlocking Treats, Every Flavor Treats, or any other food your dog enjoys for a chewing challenge. Available in Medium - 3.25 Inch diameter or 4.25 Inch diameter.
The Everlasting Fun Ball is a new kind of interactive toy that's tested dog tough! Fill with Triple Crown Everlocking Treats, dog food, or any of your dog's favorite snacks for interactive fun. You can even turn meal time into a treasure hunt by feeding your dog out of the Triple Crown Everlasting Fun Ball. Available in Medium - 2.75 Inch diameter or 4 Inch diameter.

First impression

One thing is for sure, these toys are unique. Their design is unique, containing various imprinted contours and ridges designed to stimulate a dog's attention while chewing on the toy. Upon opening the package, you will first notice that these toys are indeed, scented. They have a kind of vanilla smell that is not offensive, but unexpected. The toy feels like a highly durable, high quality piece with a rebound property that would be entertaining to most pets.

Already waiting with anticipation of this new toy, which was obviously destined to be their next best friend, the dogs sat quietly and stared. Not wanting to disappoint, I quickly chucked the new toys across the room and off they went!

The smell and texture of the rubber used in these toys is highly engaging to dogs, as the new toy was a huge success. The Fire plug offers a unique interaction as it has (roughly) the shape of a fire hydrant minus the top. This toy quickly replaced all other tug toys as the dogs still (over a year later) have tug contests with this toy. The Fun Ball has turned in to a fun chew toy and also works great for fetch.


  • These toys are extremely durable, and have remained in great condition for over a year with dogs that have shredded some of the "toughest toys in the world" after just a few months.
  • Both toys hold the long-term interest of the dogs.
  • The toys are non-marking, so playing with them in the house is OK.
  • Using your own treats is no problem with these toys.
  • You can stuff them with treats! That is always a benefit.


  • I would not recommend using the treats that come with the toys, as they contain some highly suspect ingredients.
  • If your dogs are like mine, you may find yourself being harassed constantly with the toys in attempts to get you to play!
  • These toys are notoriously difficult to find.


Both the Fire Plug and the Fun Ball have lasted over a year with two playful dogs, and endless tug fests. Neither toy shows remarkable wear, however the ball is beginning to tear along the opening for treat placement. At this point, I would like to replace the toys, just to freshen them up a bit. I would highly recommend these toys to anyone with a playful pet.

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Website: http://www.petsupplies.com


1 Comment For "StarMark Everlasting Fun Toys"

Bill Krom

Bill Krom

Even after over a year of daily play, these toys remain the favorites out of the bunch. The dogs just can't seem to get enough of them!

May 8, 2010 at 9:15AM  Sign In or Join to Comment