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Technology Article


Wednesday, March 7th 2018

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Tech Spotlight : Top Kennel Software

Author: Wiki Pet

Technology in pets
Pawfinity Kennel Software
Pet professionals are oftentimes ultra-focused on their particular specialty, leaving them vulnerable to sales scams coordinated by unsavory software companies looking to make a quick buck off unsuspecting individuals seeking kennel software to help improve the day to day operations of their kennel.

- How do you know what kennel software to choose?
- Is this an advertisement or true search result in google?
- Is this generic software disguised as pet-specific kennel software, or is the real deal?
- What am I even looking for when trying to choose software for my Kennel?
- What is a fair price?

Our Role

WikiPet is all about helping pet professionals connect with the information they need to make their lives easier. Keeping consistent with our purpose, we've done an extensive research and evaluation of kennel software to help cut through all the fluff. In the end, there were very few kennel software products which delivered on their promises, and within an acceptable price range.

Pawfinity Kennel Software - The Clear Choice

Pawfinity has been around since 2010 and has a proven track record of reliability and exceptional performance. Add in their top-knotch server and network setup, fair price, and free updates and support for life, and you have a recipe for success. Kennel owners around the internet are raving about their reliable, feature-rich kennel software and the features that makes their lives that much easier. Have a look over their price list, and take the software for a run with a free trial. Once you do, it's easy to see why this is considered the best kennel software available today.

Pawfinity Kennel Software

Kennel-Software.com agrees, citing our article and considering Pawfinity the best choice for dog boarding kennel operators.

Other Kennel Software Options

After having the "castle in the cloud" experience at Pawfinity, it made it tough to consider taking on the excessive cost of other options such as Gingr. We found it impossible to justify the nearly 30 percent price jump from the highest level package at Pawfinity (which offers more features including grooming, training, and other service support) to that of Gingr, who has equal to or less features than the md-range "stay & play" package at Pawfinity, a slower system overall, and an overly complicated setup.

PetExec seemed like another good option, however we found their dashboard to be cluttered and disorganized, making the learning curve more frustrating than enjoyable. Less features, security, and server capability at nearly the same price as top package from Pawfinity made this a "no-go" for us.

Revelation pets is based out of the UK and offers little to no security protocols, which makes us nervous. Combine this with a barren, feature limited interface, and significant performance issues (the calendar took nearly 6 seconds to load. while empty.), and we couldn't justify taking the testing much further.

Beware Of Generic Software

Use caution with sneaky generic software advertising themselves as being well fit for the pet market. Names such as MyTime, Timely, SetMore, Booker are all on the no fly list. Put plainly, they will never work properly for your kennel.


Well folks, there you have it! There are many kennel software options on the market, but they are either terribly insecure, posing a threat to the security of your business data (kennel geek and others) or are simply outdated and over priced (kennel connection, kennel link, and more).

If you're looking for the best performing, most secure kennel software at a truly fair price, you need look no further than the forward-thinking folks over at Pawfinity Kennel Software.

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